Factor 55 Sponsors Race Vehicle Tech Inspection Tent for 2017 King of the Hammers

Factor 55, the internationally recognized leader in Closed System Winching™ & Recovery, is proud to announce they will be the sponsor of the Race Vehicle Tech Inspection Tent for the 2017 King of the Hammers race.  Nearly 500 race teams will pass through this tent to undergo race scrutineering and have GPS tracking units installed.  Billed as the toughest one day race on the planet, King of the Hammers will test these vehicles and their drivers to the breaking point.  The Factor 55 Vehicle Tech Inspection Tent crew will ensure the teams begin the race in a vehicle that is within the Ultra4 rules and is as safe as possible.

Safety is at the core of what Factor 55 does.  Manufacturing the world’s best recovery equipment helps provide racers and consumers alike the best opportunity for a safe offroad experience.  When asked about their involvement, Factor 55 President and founder Mike Costa said, “We love the King of the Hammers.  No one is harder on our equipment than the teams out here on the lake bed.  We felt that sponsoring the Tech Tent was a great way for us to be more involved with the entire community and support Ultra4 racing.”

The Factor 55 Tech Tent is located next to the Factor 55 booth on Warn Way in Hammertown, USA.  Tech inspection opens on Friday February 3rd, 2017 and will continue through the duration of the week leading up to the King of the Hammers race on Friday February 10th, 2017. The inspection includes the race vehicle as well as the equipment used by the driver and co-driver including seat belts, helmets, neck restraints and firesuits.  In addition to the tech inspection, every race team will stop for installation of their YellowBrick GPS units prior to competing.  The YellowBrick is a new requirement for this year’s race. They allow the cars to be followed by race officials as well as providing emergency personnel their exact location on the course.

Factor 55 is very excited to support Ultra4 Racing and its teams and drivers.  Please stop by the Factor 55 Booth and Factor 55 Tech Tent to find out more.  There’s guaranteed to be plenty of action in Hammertown this year.