Load Path Analysis, what is it and why is it important?

Take a look at a photo that one of our readers sent in. This is a case of poor structural design from a cheap imported bumper company. In this case, the shackle tabs were simply welded to the thin skin of the bumper without any structure on the inside to provide a load path to supporting structures like the frame rails or frame cross member. As we all know, shackle tabs can be exposed to tremendous momentary loads when yanked on with a kinetic rope, etc.. Proper recovery points need to transfer the pulling load through the bumper and to the underlying supporting frame. So, the next time you are about purchase a bumper, winch mount etc, just try to picture the path that the load must take to get to something strong. In the case of bumpers and shackle tabs, make sure you at least look behind the bumper to see some type of supporting structure.

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